Ordnungspolizei vol. 2

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Ideological war and Genocide on the East front 1941 - 1942

Autor: Arico, Massimo
Strany: 368
ISBN: 9789185657209

The crimes of the German police battalionsThese are some places where apocalyptic slaughters were perpetrated during summer 1941. Maybe it would be enough to remember these names, to give an idea of the involvement of the police battalions in the ideological war broken out on the eastern front. From June 27, 1941, this war erased, like a hurricane, most of the Jewish communities in the Baltic area, in Galicia, in Belorussia and in Ukraine, with hundred thousands of victims.
A dozen of massacres perpetrated by the German Ordnungspolizei on the East front have been examined in-depth. The context, the perpetrators and the victims are described with many details and above all, we have tried to explain «the whys» all of this happened. In this sense, given the complexity of the dynamics that lead to the jewish genocide and that influenced the criminal behaviour of hundreds of thousands of men, we think that – in order to understand this «whys» – a multi-disciplinary approach is needed, opened toward psychological, social, philosophical and religious contributions. An approach that we have tried to suggest in the various chapters of the book.

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  • Kód: 9789185657209
  • Výrobce: Leandoer & Ekholm

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