SS-Schijäger Batallion "Norge"

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Norwegian Ski Infantry on the East Front 1941-44

Autor: Geir Benden, Haakon Thomassen
Strany: 272
ISBN: 9789185657063

Norway was one of the nations producing the highest number of volunteers for the German war machine during WWII. Most of them ended up in the mechanized units belonging to the famous Waffen SS units "Wiking" and "Nordland", but a number of them etched their place in the history books, as members of the elitist sub-divisional units of the SS-Division "Nord", fighting above the Polar Circle during the war. Among these units were the Ski infantry Battalion - the "SS-Schijäger Batallion "Norge"". This is their story.

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  • Kód: 9789185657063
  • Výrobce: Leandoer & Ekholm

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