NORAD and the Soviet Nuclear Threat

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Canada's Secret Electronic Air War

Autor: Gordon Wilson
Strany: 224
ISBN: 9781445602639

NORAD and the Soviet Nuclear Threat is the history of the Canadian air defence of North America during the Cold War era. The narrative takes the reader inside the Top Secret world of the Air Weapons Controllers Underground Complex, part of NORAD (North American Air Defence), and the fighter interceptor cockpit as the crew attempt to destroy an attacking pseudo Soviet bomber force during a military exercise. There is an extensive review of the radar systems, aircraft, weapons and command centres involved in the Amalgam Mute Exercise of 10 May 1973. Gordon Wilson has compiled a number of personnel accounts, recounting their duties during the exercise to give the reader a personal insight into how the system was tested to ensure that North America was kept safe from aerial invasion. The war in the night skies was an electronic exercise – the interceptor trying to ‘radar lock on’ its weapons to the ‘enemy aircraft’ as it employed electronic and mechanical means to avoid being shot down.
The narrative includes the 1968 personal account of the first intercept of a Soviet Bear bomber off the coast of Canada and the pilot of the first Canadian crew to win the coveted United States Air Force NORAD ‘Top Gun’ award in 1972.

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  • Kód: 9781445602639
  • Výrobce: Amberley Publishing

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