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Autor: Wayne Mutza
Strany: 208
ISBN: 9781580071543

U.S. Army aviators pioneered the first helicopter gun platforms in the early 1950s. Today, helicopter gunships are the most unique element of rotary-wing aviation, redefining the term “close air support.” As the ultimate development of the military helicopter, these largely U.S.-designed-and-built aircraft reign supreme as the premier attack platforms of modern aerial warfare.
Helicopter Gunships begins with the first primitive attempts at fitting piston-powered helicopters with guns and rockets. The book then shows how the Vietnam War as the ultimate proving ground that first utilized helicopter gunships and saw the development of other rotary-wing weapons systems as well. This book also explores fascinating post-war programs like the experimental Comanche, Blackhawk, and Apache. Through in-depth research and exclusive high-quality photos, noted author and helicopter expert Wayne Mutza examines in vivid detail the numerous weapon systems mated with a surprisingly wide variety of helicopters. Attention is also given to helicopter gunships developed by other Free World countries and Communist nations.
100 b/w and 200 color photos, plus 20 illustrations

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  • Kód: 9781580071543
  • Výrobce: Specialty Press

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