U-Boot im Focus Edition 6

639,- Kč

Strany: 52
Fotografie: 51 photos, 3 colourphotos, 3 colour-conning tower sideviews, 1 coloured emblem, 1 coulered document
ISBN: 9783941437067
Jazyk: německy/anglicky
U-Boat in focus: U-404 – The “Viking Ship” on a Patrol with an Underwater Camera
Unusual: U-178 with Wheels!
Photos with a Story: The Forgotten Negatives – The Only Photos of U-215
Conning Tower: U-702 – The Boat with the Elephant’s Head
Unknown emblem: U-153 – Into Combat with a Battleaxe Emblem on its Conning Tower
Document: U-488’s Supply Certificate
Colourphotos: Training Boats in Color
Scenery: After a Long Day!
Fate: Burial at Sea on an Enemy Ship as well as photos of "Milkcows", U-Tanker, Typ II B, Typ VII A, B and C and Typ IX Boats
and much more .....

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  • Kód: 9783941437067
  • Výrobce: Luftfahrtverlag-Start

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Sobota 31. červenec 2010.

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