Hell on Earth

360,- Kč

Dramatic First-Hand Experiences of Bomber Command at War

Autor: Rolfe, Mel
Strany: 256
ISBN: 9781902304953

On a dark desperate night in June 1943 a stricken Halifax bomber limped low over Holland and crashed in a small meadow of cows. The aircraft was wrecked, but its crew, amazingly, stepped out alive and completely unhurt - just one of the twenty new and true stories of bravery, survival and luck, good and bad, contained in this book. 'A good, tense reporting job...the author allows these veterans to tell the key elements of their stories mainly in their own words yet still brings out the excitement and terror of their recollections.' - Journal of Aircrew Assocation 'A very good read going a long way to helping understand what those chaps went through to achieve victory.' - Bomber Command Historical Society Journal

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  • Kód: 9781902304953
  • Výrobce: Grub Street

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