Land Rover: Series I, II, III & Defender

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Autor: John Christopher
Strany: 96
ISBN: 9781445640365

Infinitely flexible, they have appeared in short, medium and long wheelbase variants, with a host of body styles and conversions for everything from sixwheeled fire engines to motor homes. It is more than sixty years since the prototype was built in 1948 and the Land Rover of today still resembles the original – although creature comforts may be more evident on the latest Defender models. Whatever form it takes, the Land Rover is one of the few vehicles that can be found on every continent of the world, and it is said that around 70 per cent of all Land Rovers ever made are still in daily use.
Multiple Land Rover owner John Christopher tells the story of the ‘proper’ Landys, the Series I, II, IIA, III and the Defender. He also looks at the FCs, the military and emergency service vehicles, special projects, off-roading and the celebrity cars.

John Christopher is a balloon pilot and Land Rover fan. He has owned two and has used them extensively for what they were intended for, working hard, hauling balloons out of fields. His Land Rovers have seen many miles on and off road, sometimes in difficult conditions. He lives in Gloucestershire.

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  • Kód: 9781445640365
  • Výrobce: Amberley Publishing

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