Viking Warfare

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Autor: I. P. Stephenson
Strany: 176
ISBN: 9781848686908

The first comprehensive study of the weapons and warfare of the Vikings.
Despite a wealth of archaeological evidence on this subject, there has been no major study in English since the nineteenth century. Ian Stephenson examines the types and range of weapons and armour found, and considers other aspects in order to build a complete picture of the warfare of the period.
The quantity and quality of the finds allow us to build a picture of not simply an individual’s panoply, but also of army structure and tactics. Alongside this, the artefacts allow us to examine the cultural interaction between the Roman and Barbarian worlds, which, as the finds show, was not a simple one-way process: each side impacted on the other.

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  • Kód: 9781848686908
  • Výrobce: Amberley Publishing

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