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The Great Jewish Revolt Against Rome AD 66–73

Autor: Neil Faulkner
Strany: 288
ISBN: 9781445603162

Ancient Palestine was a ferment of social and ideological conflict. Full-scale insurrectionary revolt exploded in AD 66 and took on a revolutionary character as moderate upper-class leaders were pushed aside and replaced by popular radicals. The war that followed was bitterly fought, and culminated in the fivemonth siege of Jerusalem in the summer of AD 70, which ended with the fall and destruction of the city amid appalling atrocities. Mopping-up operations ended with the spectacular siege of Masada in AD 73.
First published in 2002, Dr Neil Faulkner’s acclaimed Apocalypse is a gripping account of a series of events that rocked the Roman Empire. Despite their ultimate defeat, the Jewish rebels inspired future revolts and had huge implications for the future course, and transformative character, of the three great Mediterranean religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. As Dr Faulkner says in his conclusion, even failed revolutions change history.

Neil read political economy at King’s College, Cambridge, and was a teacher for a number of years before turning to archaeology and taking his doctorate at the Institute of Archaeology, London, with a study of late Roman towns. He is well-known as a tour guide and lecturer, and has directed excavations for the Time Team. He is best known for his long-running excavations at Sedgeford, in Norfolk. He has written five books, including The Decline and Fall of Roman Britain, Hidden Treasure: Digging up Britain’s Past, In Search of the Zeppelin War: The Archaeology of the First Blitz and Rome: Empire of the Eagles. He is the founder-director of the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project and the co-director of the Great Arab Revolt Project, Digging Dad's Army and the Great War Archaeology Group. He currently edits Military Times and regularly contributes to Current Archaeology.

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  • Kód: 9781445603162
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