Life in Roman London

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Autor: Simon Webb
Strany: 160
ISBN: 9780752465364

Life in Roman London approaches the history of Roman London in an entirely new way. The rise and fall of one of the most important Roman cities in northern Europe is charted graphically by the use of maps and diagrams, showing at a glance the various stages in its development. Rather than focusing upon a handful of important figures such as Procurators and statesmen, this book explores the lives and concerns of the ordinary citizens.
Many books about Roman history seem to be preoccupied with basilicas, palaces, grand houses, statues and mosaics; Life in Roman London looks instead at the shops, houses and streets in which the majority of the sixty thousand inhabitants of the city spent their lives. In doing so, it reveals a city very different from the clean, white, classical metropolis familiar from the books of our childhood.

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  • Kód: 9780752465364
  • Výrobce: The History Press

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