Jack the Ripper

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Autor: Val Horsler
Strany: 144
ISBN: 9781905615148

The first book in The National Archives' highly-collectible Crime Archive series that tells the terrifying true stories of murderers, victims and those who pursued them.
Jack the Ripper, the late-Victorian killer who brought terror to London’s Whitechapel, still haunts our imaginations today. His victims were all female prostitutes; most had their throats cut and were gruesomely butchered. The case unleashed an avalanche of letters claiming responsibility for the murders, but the Ripper’s identity was never established despite Scotland Yard’s best efforts. This ‘bloody history’ cuts through the speculation by presenting the key facts as they emerged in their full horror – backed by hard evidence from the National Archives. Original police reports, witness statements and letters with the chilling signature ‘Jack the Ripper’ combine with a compelling narrative to tell the story behind the legend.

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  • Kód: 9781905615148
  • Výrobce: The National Archives

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Pátek 19. září 2008.

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