The Maginot Line

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History and Guide

Autor: A. Jankovic-Potocnik, H.W. Kaufmann, J.E. Kaufmann, P. Lang
Strany: 320
ISBN: 9781848840683

The Maginot Line, the complex system of strongpoints constructed between the world wars by the French to protect against attack from Germany, is one of the most famous, extensive and controversial defensive schemes in all military history. It stretched from Belgium to Switzerland, and from Switzerland to the Mediterranean, and it represented the most advanced and ambitious system of static defences of its time. Yet it failed to deter German aggression or to halt the invasion of France in May 1940. Much of this historic line - with its fortresses, artillery positions, tank traps, blockhouses, concrete bunkers - has survived and can be visited today. This invaluable handbook, which has been written and compiled by the foremost experts in the field, is a guide to the history of the line and all the major sites concerned.

J.E. Kaufmann is a retired teacher and H.W. Kaufmann is a semi-retired profess and they live in the US. Their last book on fortifications was Fortress France.
A. Jankovic-Potocnik is an artist residing in Slovenia and he is an authority on the fortifications of the country. He has written books on Yugoslav fortifications. He is also a World War I Austro-Hungarian Army re-enactor and served in the Yugoslav Army.

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  • Kód: 9781848840683
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