Stukas Over the Steppe

535,- Kč

The Blitzkrieg in the East, 1941-1945

Autor: Peter C. Smith
Strany: 72
ISBN: 9781848328013

This enthralling pictorial guide reveals the formidable power of one of the most feared warplanes of all time. The Ju 87 Stuka dominated the opening campaigns of World War II. It was a primary weapon of German Blitzkrieg tactics and the concept of lightning warfare. Together with the panzer, it transformed air and land warfare, with countries falling in days and weeks, rather than after campaigns lasting years. With more than 100 photographs and detailed commentary, Stukas over the Steppe captures the many roles adopted by these famous dive-bombers as they blasted a path across Eastern Europe.

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  • Kód: 9781848328013
  • Výrobce: Pen & Sword Books

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