RAF Fighter Command Victory Claims of WW2 Vol.1

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Throughout World War Two the pilots of RAF Fighter Command fought to command the skies over Europe. From the earliest days in 1939, long range Luftwaffe reconnaissance aircraft were engaged off the Scotish coast and over France. Then came the frantic and confused combats over France and Belgium in the face of the Blitzkrieg. The combats over the beaches of Dunkirk were followed by battles over the convoys in the channel and the desperate struggle that was the Battle of Britain. As the war progressed Fighter Command’s role changed. Night fighter pilots in Hurricanes, Defiants and Beaufighters were charged with the night defence against the Blitz. Spitfire and Hurricane pilots took the battle back across the channel to face the elite of the Luftwaffe fighter force. Finally the fighter pilots played a key role in the invasion of Europe and assault on the Reich.
Each time an RAF fighter pilot claimed to have brought down an enemy aircraft in combat he was required to submit a Combat Report, giving details of his claim for enemy aircraft destroyed. Until now, however, there has been no single document listing these claims day by day. The wartime records are fragmentary, the details of individual pilots claims scattered in many different RAF files.
Noted historian and author John Foreman, has now decided to make available the results of his many years of research and to provide the definitive list of claims submitted by RAF Fighter Command pilots for enemy aircraft shot down in WW2. Each entry provides the following details: Date, Location, Type of aircraft shot down, Claiming pilot and his unit. The author has included claims for aircraft destroyed, shared, probably destroyed and damaged.
This unique reference work will provide a vital tool for those researching the combats that took place over Europe, whether from the RAF or Luftwaffe view point, and compliment the list of Fighter Command losses already available via Midland Counties Publications.

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