Russian Airliners Outside Russia

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Autor: Yefim Gordon
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ISBN: 9781857802528

From the end of World War 2 onwards, as Soviet influence expanded rapidly as a result of the postwar settlement in Europe and with the rise of Communist states in the Far East, Africa and the Caribbean, the potential worldwide export market for Soviet-built airliners, grew phenomenally. As the Soviet satellite states in eastern Europe gradually developed their own domestic airlines, such as LOT in Poland, Malev in Hungary and CSA in Czechoslovakia, they began to acquire significant numbers of Soviet-built aircraft, such as the Tupolev Tu-134 and the Ilyushin Il-62. These aircraft became increasingly familiar sights at airports across Europe and around the world.
It was only with the collapse of the Soviet Union from the late 1980s onwards, that the market for civilian aircraft in the former Soviet bloc opened up to plane makers in the rest of the world. The airlines in these newly independent countries now sought to upgrade their fleets with aircraft from western companies such as Airbus and Boeing whose products already dominated the fleets of the carriers from non-Communist countries with whom they were now competing directly. Ironically, just as the export market for civil airliners in the former Soviet satellite states diminished, so Western states became an increasingly important market Russian aviation companies, particularly for the heavylift transport aircraft that the Russians had developed initially to support the expression of their military power across the globe.
In his latest all-colour album for Midland Publishing to feature Russian civil aviation, following on from his successful Russian Airlines and their Aircraft, (1 85780 176 8), Yefim Gordon turns his attention to the great variety of Soviet and Russian built civilian aircraft which were supplied to the export market. The book, which includes some 160 colour images, explores both those aircraft built before the collapse of the Soviet Union as well as those that have come to dominate Russian sales overseas in the past decade. Alongside the super photographic content, the book also includes highly detailed captions, making it a useful for reference source for all civil aviation enthusiasts and modellers.
Comprehensive in its coverage, this book is a graphic reminder of how important the Aircraft industry in both the Soviet Union and Russia was and is in terms of the supply of major civil airliners and transport aircraft.

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  • Kód: 9781857802528
  • Výrobce: Midland Publishing

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