Enemy at the Gates

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Panic Fighters of the Second World War

Autor: Justo Miranda
Strany: 288
ISBN: 9781781557662

Includes 100 previously unknown fighters of the Second World War
Panic fighters: the dark side of aerial defence
Presents a historical framework and performance details for each project
Profusely illustrated with technical drawings and gives exhaustive coverage on different models and variants
Written by the best-selling author of The Ultimate Piston Fighters of the Luftwaffe, The Ultimate Flying Wings of the Luftwaffe and Axis Suicide Squads: German and Japanese Secret Projects of the Second World War
When the Nazis threatened the world with war, European governments were concerned with the overwhelming reaction of terror that the expected Luftwaffe bombing would bring.
Before hostilities, European territories were defended by outdated biplanes and a small number of modern monoplane fighters, including fifty Hurricanes, twenty Morane-405s and five Fokker D.XXIs. France and Great Britain took up production of American aircraft and cancelled exports to small countries who were forced to design and build their own ‘panic fighters’ with the intelligence and skill that desperation provides.
When nothing seemed able to contain the German advance, France, Great Britain and the USSR developed several programmes of emergency fighters as did Australia to face the Japanese expansion. However, the course of war switched: Axis powers had to create their own panic fighters, some of them suicidal.
Enemy at the Gates: Panic Fighters of the Second World War includes several last designs of fighters that are practically unknown and were developed in times of tribulation by the victors.

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  • Kód: 9781781557662
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