Thor: Anatomy of a Weapon System

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Autor: Geoff Goodchild
Strany: 192
ISBN: 9781781555682

Thor uncovered: a comprehensive description of the RAF’s only strategic missile system
The mysteries of ballistic missile navigation gently unveiled
Supplemented by a wealth of diagrams and photographs, some believed to be previously unpublished

Thor: Anatomy of a Weapon System examines the technical aspects of the Thor intermediate-range ballistic missile. The missile and its ground support equipment are covered in detail. The guidance system is conveniently spread across two chapters and includes a sub-section to help understanding of the gyroscopes. The ground-based guidance components, including the mysterious theodolites, are described with accompanying drawings. Included are discussions on ballistics and how the properties of the Earth affect the missile’s flight. A chapter is dedicated to Thor’s raison d’etre: the 1.44 megaton warhead, its principles of operation and its terrifying effects.
The launch countdown process is comprehensively covered in a series of easy to follow flow diagrams, accompanied by detailed drawings and descriptions of the launch control consoles and equipment. The launch site is examined with details of surveys, locations and layout. Detailed drawings of site buildings complete the book, which contains photographs from the author’s collection, believed to be previously unseen.

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  • Kód: 9781781555682
  • Výrobce: Fonthill Media

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