Operation Big Ben: The Anti-V2 Spitfire Missions

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Autor: Craig Cabell
Strany: 208
ISBN: 9781781554395

Appreciate the panic the V2 rockets had on the great minds of Whitehall
How brave soldiers, airmen and the French Resistance gathered important intelligence regarding storage depots and firing points of V2s behind enemy lines
All the details about the dive-bombing Spitfire missions sent to counter the V2 rocket threat

In heavy cloud, under intense flak and with little training, specially commissioned clipped-winged Spitfires dive-bombed V2 rockets sites, supply lines and storage depots in one of the most complex and crucial secret operations of the Second World War. With the help of the French and Dutch resistance, 30 Assault Unit, a crack team of commandos created by Ian Fleming, and the support of disinformation from the Joint Planning Staff of the War Cabinet, including the work of novelist Dennis Wheatley, British, Polish, Australian and Canadian Spitfire squadrons brought down the weight of V1 and V2 rocket strikes on the civilian population of London and the home counties.
Winston Churchill saw the panic of the British civilian and politicians alike, but had no way to counter the threat. However, through innovation and sheer bravery, a way forwards was created. Now read the intricacies of Operation Big Ben: The Anti-V2 Spitfire Missions.

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  • Kód: 9781781554395
  • Výrobce: Fonthill Media

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