Heroes of Bomber Command Yorkshire

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Autor: Michael Wadsworth
Strany: 192
ISBN: 9781846740442

Yorkshire was home to Bomber Command's 4 Group, and at the beginning of 1943 they were joined by 6 Group, manned almost entirely by the Royal Canadian Air Force. From these airfields young aircrews, all volunteers with an average age of 22, flew dangerous and often suicidal missions into the dark, cold, smoke filled skies above Germany. The Yorkshire squadrons, which contained aircrew from all over the world, were at the raw edge of developing night-bombing techniques and rapidly became the most highly trained men in the history of armed warfare. August 1942 saw the creation of the Pathfinder Force whose task was marking targets for the groups of bombers behind them with a precision that called for reckless heroism. In this excellently researched book Michael Wadsworth describes the air war in Yorkshire, and the young airmen who flew night after night against desperate odds. The bravery, determination and resolve of the 'Bomber Men' must never be forgotten. With photographs.

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  • Kód: 9781846740442
  • Výrobce: Countryside Books

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