A View from the Wings: 60 Years in British Aviation

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Autor: Colin Cruddas
Strany: 192
ISBN: 9780752477480

Many books have been produced which detail the lives and thoughts of famous individuals. A View from the Wings is unique, recalling a wartime boyhood in which aircraft flying constantly overhead played a large part. This experience led to a lifetime career in the aviation industry both in the UK and overseas such as the US and South Africa. Mixed with events of a more personal nature often coated with whimsical humour, the author has evocatively captured the rise and demise of Britain’s aircraft industry in the post-war period.
In setting out to be non-technical, A View from the Wings will appeal to those whose memories embrace the sound barrier-breaking years and the leap of faith and technology that saw Concorde defeat the Americans in the race to produce a practical supersonic airliner. All too often political procurement and technical failures have made for dramatic headlines and these too are subjected to much critical comments. Think of the critically acclaimed Empire of the Clouds (Faber and Faber, 2010), but instead of a boyhood observer, the author was an active part of the British aviation industry in its former prime and eventual implosion.

COLIN CRUDDAS had an active boyhood interest in aviation during the wartime years spent on the Yorkshire coast. His career commenced at the Fairey Aviation Company in 1951 as a student apprentice then design draughtsman. After his RAF National Service as an N.C.O draughtsman, Cruddas joined the Blackburn Aircraft Company as a senior systems engineer on the Buccaneer flight test programme. He then later worked in the US for Boeing and McDonnell Douglas as a design engineer and returned to the UK as deputy head of Concorde Powerplant Technical Group. He is now a consultant historian/archivist at Cobham PLC and a successful aviation author.

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  • Kód: 9780752477480
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