British Flying Boats

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Autor: Peter London
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ISBN: 9780752460550

The flying-boat is a unique form of aeroplane, able to operate from sea or river and, as an amphibian, from land too. Over 100 types of British flying-boat and amphibian were built during a 40-year period from the days of the pioneer airmen to the advent of jet engines. Early attempts at flying from water were sometimes fraught, but during the First World War the practical military flying-boat was developed, becoming an important component in the campaigns against Imperial Germany’s naval forces – particularly her submarines.
The inter-war period saw the growth of ever-larger civil flying-boats as commercial air routes became established worldwide. Smaller types appeared for use by private owners and modest operators, while the RAF’s flying-boats matured into powerful weapons. During the Second World War flying-boats helped defend Britain’s sea routes around the globe, and British types were also used by many Allied nations. Yet after the war, the breed faded from widespread use and by the mid-1950s had all but disappeared.

Peter London’s book is a fascinating exploration of Britain’s diverse flying-boat heritage and is sure to be of great interest to aviation enthusiasts everywhere.

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  • Kód: 9780752460550
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