The Crusades - A History

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Autor: Payne, Robert
Strany: 432
ISBN: 9780709054672

In this masterly work, Robert Payne brings to life the Crusade battalions that founded vast kingdoms in Christ's native land nearly a thousand years ago. He has woven a glittering tapestry of a period when splendour vied with baseness, piety with greed, courage with folly. Here is an exquisitely wrought saga of the medieval world that tells of the clash between East and West at a time when religious fervour was widespread and the possession of an ancient sepulchre mattered most in the lives of men.
Robert Payne's highly praised histories include: The Holy Sword: The Story of Islam from Muhammad to the Present and The Christian Centuries from Christ to Dante. Shortly before he died in 1983 he wrote, 'From visits to the Holy Land I have come to know the country...well; from Petra with its Crusader church in the south, to Beirut which is thickly encrusted with the drama of the Crusades in the North. I have fished in the Sea of Galilee and walked over the Horns of Hatin, where the most terrible of all the Crusader battles was fought and lost.'

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  • Kód: 9780709054672
  • Výrobce: Robert Hale

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