The Army that got away

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The German 15. Armee in the summer of 1944

Autor: Jack Didden a Maarten Swarts
Strany: 532
ISBN: 9789080039392

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the epic struggle against Germany in the West during the summer and autumn of 1944. The prevailing story in books and television documentaries always follows the same, incomplete sequence: first we have D-Day and the battle for Normandy, finally we get Operation Market Garden. But what happened between Normandy and Market Garden is glossed over. But why? The German 15th Army under General Von Zangen was trapped against the Channel coast following the capture of Antwerp on 4 September 1944. The history of this army has never been told so far. This is most surprising as at the time 15. Armee figured prominently in the minds of Allied commanders. Similarly, the German High Command, had only one question: how do we save Von Zangen’s army and stop the Allied avalanche? It seemed an impossible task for soldiers on foot or with horse-drawn transport against a highly mobile opponent. Nevertheless, the army made it out of the pocket largely intact. This book tells the day-to-day story of an army whose survival was to have a huge impact on subsequent operations.
Readers of our books will know that once again the text is based on primary sources and that of course the Allied units and their actions are also discussed in great detail. The story of how the army managed to get away, but also how it initially took part in the battle for Normandy, is now told in full for the very first time and a major gap in the story of World War Two is finally addressed. This book follows the formula of our previous two books and so will again be of interest to modellers and fans of military history alike. It has 532 pages, over 900 pictures, most of them never published before, and over 100 full-colour maps illustrate the text. There will only be one limited printing run.

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  • Kód: 9789080039392

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