The Red Army on Parade vol.1

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100 Years of Soviet and Russian Military Parades 1917-2017

Autor: James Kinnear
Strany: 256
ISBN: 9789198232585

Undoubtedly our most ambitious project to this date, this volume describes the tanks and armoured vehicles paraded by the Red Army on Red Square from the first anniversary of the Russian Revolution in November 1918 until after the end of the war in both Europe and Japan in 1945. From the first captured French and British origin tanks displayed on Red Square, via the first Soviet KS tank to the wartime T-34, KV and IS tanks, the volume describes the first public appearance of all Red Army tanks and other military vehicles displayed on Red Square and the background philosophy involved in their respective developments.

For 100 years since the Russian Revolution in 1917, the Soviet Union and now the Russian Federation has demonstrated its latest military tanks and military vehicles on Red Square for Russian domestic and foreign consumption.
- The November 1940 and May 1941 Red Square military parades were deliberately modified so as to not demonstrate the latest Soviet tanks on Red Square to foreign military observers as the Soviet Union prepared for total war.
- The November 1941 Red Square parade was conducted under the auspices of a military operation rather than a ceremonial parade, at a time when Wehrmacht tanks were within 16 kilometres of the Kremlin. The tanks on parade featured a full ammunition complement and were dispatched from the parade directly to the front line.
- The November 1941 parade was staged twice, once at dawn to avoid potential Luftwaffe air attack and a repeat performance after daylight for the benefit of the film crews and photographers.
- The 24th June 1945 Victory in Europe Parade was one of the largest ever parades held on Red Square.
- Victory over Japan parades were held in the Soviet Far East in September 1945. These parades featured tanks taken directly from recent combat.
500+ black & white photos

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