AirForces Monthly

AirForces Monthly - The world’s number one military aviation magazine

AirForces Monthly provides the best military aviation news coverage from around the globe and is essential reading for anyone seeking a well-informed view.

AirForces Monthly is devoted entirely to modern military aircraft and their air arms. It has built up a formidable reputation worldwide by reporting from places not generally covered by other military magazines. Its world news is the best around, covering all aspects of military aviation, region by region. AirForces Monthly represents an unrivalled combination of news and reporting, aided by the best network of freelance reporters anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive coverage of the world's air forces
Detailed attrition section
Insights into the latest military technology
Military conflicts, weaponry and exercises
Personnel interviews
Reader feedback in the lively letters page
Superb colour photography
The hottest military aviation news - by continent
World exclusives

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