U-Boot im Focus Edition 7

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Strany: 52
Fotografie: 52 photos, 7 colourphotos, 1 coloured sideview, 2 colour-conning tower sideviews, 1 coloured emblem, 1 coulered document, 1 coloured map
Jazyk: německy/anglicky

Unusual: U-66’s Camouflaged Periscope
Color Photos: Run Aground in Oslo Fiord – U-128 in a Difficult Situation
Boat in Focus: U-375 – Mediterranean Operations with an Unusual Camouflage Scheme
Conning Towers: U-154 – The Type IX C Boat with the “Torpedo-spewing Cow” on the Conning Tower
Scenery: Gruppe “Landwirt” (Group Farmer) as Invasion Reserve
Unidentified Emblems: The Known and Unknown Emblems of U-59
Background informations: Visibility and Recognition Markings Worn by Type XXI and XXIII U-Boats with Submarine Acceptance Command (UAK) in 1944-45
Documents: A Torpedo Hit Certificate from U-351
Portait: Hermann Schrenk - from officier on an auxiliary cruiser to U-Boat commander
as soon as photos of U-Boats of different types and much information

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