The Men Inside the Metal Vol. 2

900,- Kč

The British AFV Crewman in WW2

Autor: Dick Taylor
Strany: 124
ISBN: 9788363678289

This book, the second volume in a series of two, completes the story of the uniforms and equipment of British and Commonwealth tank and AFV crews, 1939-1945. The evolution of uniforms, and the variations in actual use on all fronts, are described and illustrated, as is the personal equipment of AFV crews. The advantages and drawbacks of all the designs are discussed, in the context of actual front-line operational experience. Illustrated with many photos and drawings, covering all uniform variations and equipment. Volume 2 also contains information on regimental insignia.

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  • Kód: 9788363678289
  • Výrobce: Mushroom Model Publications

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