The Jet Race and the Second World War

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Autor: Sterling Michael Pavelec
Strany: 224
ISBN: 9781591146667

Initially caught off guard by the German military build-up, particularly in aviation technology, Britain and the United States, by 1935, were racing against Germany to see who could develop jet engines first. This book provides a comprehensive comparison of the competing programs. The author analyzes each country's perceived needs, efforts, and support. Hans von Ohain completed the first flight-worthy turbojet engine and won the jet race for Germany in August 1939. Nearly two years later, the British placed second when Frank Whittle developed a turbojet engine that powered the Gloster Pioneer.
In October 1942, the American jet age was ushered in when Bell Aircraft built the first American jet plane, the Airacomet, and by war's end, the United States had numerous engine and airframe programs in development. The author's analysis reveals the excitement in the high-stakes race as never before.

Sterling Michael Pavelec teaches airpower history at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. His is also the author of The Military-Industrial Complex and American Society.

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  • Kód: 9781591146667
  • Výrobce: US Naval Institute Press

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