Cyclops in the Jungle: A One-Eyed LRP in Vietnam

600,- Kč

One-of-a-kind story of resilience and determination in the Vietnam War

Autor: David Walker
Strany: 240
ISBN: 9780811734929

In January 1968, barely a month after arriving in Vietnam as part of an elite long range patrol (LRP) team, Dave Walker received a debilitating shrapnel wound to his eye. Medically discharged and sent home, Walker--now missing an eye--maneuvered his way back into the army and back to Vietnam in 1970. Battle-hardened, aggressive, and courageous, he served another eighteen months with the best of the best, conducting patrols and special operations in the Central Highlands.

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  • Kód: 9780811734929
  • Výrobce: Stackpole Books

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Čtvrtek 16. říjen 2008.

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