The Ackermann Military Prints

2065,- Kč

Uniforms of the British and Indian Armies 1840-1855

Autor: William Y. Carman, Robert W. Kenny, Jr.
Strany: 179
ISBN: 9780764316715

For many years the magnificent color prints published by the firm of Rudolf Ackermann during the 19th century have been in the possession of lucky collectors. However, with the passing of many years these frail works of art have become damaged, or have perished, so that many are not available to those who wish to find and appreciate the work and care which went into these productions. Although there were no European wars for the British troops during the years covered in this volume, there were still campaign opportunities throughout the widely spread Empire: the South African conflicts, the First Afghan War, the Scinde Campaign followed by the Sikh Wars, Punjabi Campaign, and the Crimean War. This book presents a period in British military uniform history which has not been well covered before, and allows an appreciation of these rare prints in beautiful color.

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  • Kód: 9780764316715
  • Výrobce: Schiffer Books

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