Deng Xiao Ping

1555,- Kč

Portrait of a Great Military Leader

Autor: Rong, You
Strany: 192
ISBN: 9780764312663

This new book covers the military career of one of China's most influential leaders, with nearly all of the photos published here for the first time in the West. From the original uprising through the founding of the People's Republic of China, Deng Xiao Ping was in key military positions at every turn during the communist's dramatic struggle to power. He helped found the Seventh and Eighth Armies of the Red Army, established and led the Anti-Japanese Base Areas in Northern China, marched the Long March, and fought head on with the Kuomingtang government troops after the Japanese were driven out. The country under Communist control, Deng headed to the southwest to consolidate outlying regions. He returned to help put together a permanent Red Army and a plan for the nation's defense, eventually becoming Commander of the Three Armed Services.

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  • Kód: 9780764312663
  • Výrobce: Savannah Publications

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