China Horse Marine

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John R. Angstadt U.S.M.C. American Legation, Peiping China, 1934-1937

Autor: E. Richard Bonham
Strany: 192
ISBN: 9780764348907

Every Marine has heard stories about the legendary “China Marines” who served in China before the Second World War. Many of these stories feature the small group of Horse Marines stationed at the American Legation in Peiping who patrolled the city streets and the surrounding Chinese countryside. Riding small, tough, Mongolian ponies and armed with their Model 1913 Patton sabers, these Horse Marines protected American missionaries and businessmen from bands of roving Chinese bandits. The Horse Marines, known as the Mounted Detachment, were considered to be the elite of all China Marines. Illustrated with over 420 rare and previously unpublished Horse Marine items and photographs, including drawings and watercolors by Col. John W. Thomason, this book offers a unique perspective into the life of John R. Angstadt, one China Horse Marine.

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  • Kód: 9780764348907
  • Výrobce: Schiffer Books

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