To Hell with the Kaiser, Vol. II

2089,- Kč

America Prepares for War, 1916-1918

Autor: Alexander F. Barnes
Strany: 288
ISBN: 9780764349119

This two-volume series serves as a unique window to view the U.S. Army’s entry onto the world stage. Faced with entry into the “Great War,” the country called upon its military leaders to prepare the Army for combat. What follows is the in-depth story of how the American military and civilian leadership created and trained the Doughboys. In less than eighteen months, America’s Army would grow from its humble beginning to fielding over a million soldiers in the Meuse-Argonne campaign. Training and leading this force into battle against the Imperial German Army were some of the great names in American military history, including such stalwarts as John J. Pershing, George Marshall, and Leonard Wood. Here is the story of their perseverance and courage that ultimately defeated the enemy and helped to win the war.

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  • Kód: 9780764349119
  • Výrobce: Schiffer Books

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