Foxes of the Desert

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The Story of the Afrikakorps

Autor: Paul Carell
Strany: 370
ISBN: 9780887406591

Here for the first time from the German viewpoint and with a great deal of hitherto unpublished material is the complete story of one of the most bitterly fought, exciting campaigns in modern warfare. Foxes of the Desert is the definitive work on the Afrika Korps and the other German forces who served in the Western Desert and Tunisia during World War II. Dominating the story are the personality and the brilliant strategy and tactics of the wily, fast-thinking and hard-hitting "Desert Fox," Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. In fascinating detail the author tells the full story of the great German master of desert armored warfare and his men and the other German forces in North Africa, during their many months of bitterly contested fighting against the pick of Britain's forces under such commanders as Wavell, Auchinleck, and finally Montgomery, and the Americans under Eisenhower. Here are the famous siege of Tobruk; Rommel's celebrated surprise push in the early spring of 1941 when the Afrika Korps captured Mersa el Brega and Agedabia and rolled on far eastward into Bardia and Sollum; the battle of Halfaya ("Hellfire") Pass; the great tank battle on the Gazala front; the Germans' capture of Tobruk, with 33,000 prisoners and vast booty; the fateful battles of Alam Halfa and El Alamein; and the bloody campaign in Tunisia. Interwoven are fascinating accounts of the work of the German Secret Service; of the British Long Range Desert Group, and of its German counterpart, the Brandenburg Group. Numerous other commando operations and exciting exploits of espionage and sabotage are described in detail for the first time. As a result of personal interviews with over a thousand combatants, tireless reading, and painstaking research, Paul Carell has skillfully blended a mass of new and exciting information into a dramatic and completely authentic narrative. As a story of strategy and battle, Foxes of the Desert is both exhaustive and engrossing, and, as authorative history, it cannot be overlooked by anyone wishing a full understanding of World War II. This edition contains a new preface by Paul Carell who is also the author of Invasion! They're Coming!, Scorched Earth, Hitler Moves East, Stalingrad: The Defeat of the German 6th Army, and Operation Barbarossa in Photographs.

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  • Kód: 9780887406591
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