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The American Fighter Pilot and Aircraft in World War II

Autor: William Wolf
Strany: 456
ISBN: 9780764314582

CAF Dispatch (Summer, 2002)
... everything you have ever wanted to know about the American figghter pilot as well as the aircraft flown in WWII. All in all this gigantic compendium of material by Wolf is certainly one you must have for your shelf and well worth its price tag.

American Fighter Aces Bulletin (Spring, 2002)
For several decades, Wolf collected records, photos and anecdotes from the pilots of our "greatest generation", libraries and archives and the fruit of his labor is now available for us all to share.

American Aviation Historical Society Newsletter (Second Quarter, 2002)
... an epic book on military aviation.... A compilation of everything you have ever wanted to know about the American fighter pilor as well as the aircraft he flew in World War II.... Certainly one you 'must have' for your military aviation shelf and well worth its price tag.

Michael OConnor "Wordsmith" (2006)
Fighter pilots, especially fighter aces, continue to fascinate. Dr. William Wolf examines American fighter pilots and the role they played in securing WW II victory in this massive, well-researched, well-illustrated and - yes - fascinating volume. Though it comes with a hefty $59.95 price tag, this book is worth every penny! ! Several things jump out at you when you peruse Wolf's book. It's obvious the author has done his research. It looks like he tracked down and interviewed dozens of pilots and aces to get their input along with perusing official documents, unit histories, etc. And he has cast a pretty wide net on the subject, including, as he does, information on U.S. pilot training, combat tactics, the differing USAAF and USN combat missions in the ETO and PTO, the various fighter aircraft flown, ace races, the dicey issue of victory credits, first victories, first aces, last kills, top-scoring aces, aces in multiple aircraft, top-scoring units, aces-in-a-day, Americans in foreign service, personal markings, fighter losses, etc., etc. The appendices alone run to 30 pages! The result is a mammoth manuscript - 460+ pages in length, 600+ photos plus aircraft drawings by Rocky Gooch. Part scholarly thesis, part popular history, an obvious labor of love. And a great read in general!

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  • Kód: 9780764314582
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