The Imperial German Eagles in World War I Vol. 3

2119,- Kč

Their Postcards and Pictures

Autor: Lance J. Bronnenkant
Strany: 464
ISBN: 9780764337642

Where the preceding two books of this pioneer series focused on the World War I German aviators featured on Sanke postcards, this final volume examines additional postcard presentations of First World War German airmen as published by Liersch, NPG, Hoffmann, Rothenberg and other more obscure companies. Once again, the author looks in detail at where, why and by whom the photographs were taken as well as why and when they were published in postcard form. An extensive number of related photographs are also included, many of them rarely if ever seen by the modern public. This volume – and indeed the entire set – provides a treasure trove of biographical information, historical data and photographic images that makes it a “must-have” for all World War I aviation enthusiasts.

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  • Kód: 9780764337642
  • Výrobce: Schiffer Books

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