Harriet Quimby: Flying Fair Lady

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Autor: Leslie Kerr
Strany: 112
ISBN: 9780764350672

One of the first women to fly, the fashionable Harriet Quimby (1875–1912) came of age in the fading years of a gilded era, determined to have more than the life of a farmer’s wife. Beautiful, intelligent, and forever seeking the next adventure when her life ended tragically at age thirty-seven, this extraordinary pioneer had accomplished what most—women or men—only dream about. Here is the remarkable story of Quimby’s groundbreaking work in aviation, photojournalism, fashion design, script writing, and advertising. As a celebrity journalist in New York, she was also a mouthpiece for women, minorities, and social justice issues. “I think I shall do something someday,” she once remarked. This recognition of her legacy is long overdue.

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  • Kód: 9780764350672
  • Výrobce: Schiffer Books

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