The US Army Soldier

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Autor: Aurelien Morel
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ISBN: 9782352502593

The US army Soldier In 1992, the US Army foot soldier is still a pawn in the Cold War’s game of chess, just good enough to hold ground while watching tanks clashing around Fulda. He waits at the gate for the Red army tanks to come crashing through. In 2012 the battlefield is built around the foot soldier. Everything is made for his support and his mobility. He’s not just another brick in the wall, he is the tip of the spear. This new situation translates in better equipment: the uniform gets lighter, more comfortable and designed to be worn with body armor. The body armor gets lighter and more efficient. Telecoms and global positioning devices become more numerous by the day, making the soldiers’ work easier, and his support by other branches of the military simpler.

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  • Kód: 9782352502593
  • Výrobce: Histoire & Collections

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