Sherman in the Pacific War: 1943-1945

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Autor: Giuliani, Raymond
Strany: 144
ISBN: 9782352502838

After Pearl Harbor, the loss of the Philippines and the threat of an invasion of Australia, the reconquest of the Pacific is a unique episode in the annals of modern military history, with an ocean for battlefield and as many islands transformed into fortresses. To land, advance in a hostile environment and fight an enemy as brave as fanatic, this task would have been impossible for the infantry only without the support of the M4 Sherman. Despite the terrain unsuitable for tank warfare, the Sherman intervention will highly limit American losses by annihilating Japanese defensive positions. But, each time, these highrisk missions could turn the status of the tank and its crew from besieging to besieged. Consequently, month after month, the Sherman is going to change apperance due to ad hoc numerous field modifications. Along the pages, you will be able to discover this metamorphosis illustrated by archives photographs or colored profiles. These profiles will also enable you to appreciate the camouflages, the unit markings and the graffitis which made that, at the end of the conflict, almost no tank would look the same within the same unit.

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  • Kód: 9782352502838
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