Hungary 1944-1945: The Panzers' Last Stand

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Autor: Guillemot, Phillippe
Strany: 80
ISBN: 9782352501558

The names Bieske, Debrecen, the Green Mountains or the Hill of the Castle don’t mean very much to us. And yet it was in those far reaches of Hungary that very bitter fighting took place, culminating in one of the toughest sieges on the Eastern Front and of WWII: Budapest. It also consecrated the last German armoured attack of the conflict. Following the dramatic destruction of Army Group Centre and overshadowed by Koniev’s and Zhukov’s rush on Berlin, this particular theatre of operations has been somewhat ignored.
But when you take a closer look at the number of troops engaged, the sacrifices made on both sides, the strategic and political implications, the number of battles fought, the losses suffered, and all in the most terrible weather conditions, the obscurity with which these last Germano-Hungarian efforts in the East and the way the Soviets dealt with them - whilst at the same time carrying on with their own plans - have been covered, is all the more surprising.
This monograph is an opportunity to go into the details of these clashes whose last convulsions one month and three weeks before the German capitulation at Rheims were definitively the Panzers’ last lunge.
10 full color maps, 16 color tanks and aircraft profiles

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  • Kód: 9782352501558
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