LeSK (Air Fighting School)

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Autor: Kalevi Keskinen a Kari Stenman
Strany: 128
Jazyk: finština/angličtina

This book LeSK concludes the volumes dealing with the flying units of the Finnish Air Force, which now cover in 850 pages and 1400 photos the whole operational and training history of the Finnish Air Force in WW II.
The predecessor of LeSK was Ilmailukoulu (Aviation School), which in the growing threat of war on the late 1930s was changed on 1 January 1938 to Ilmasotakoulu (Air Fighting School) and further in 3 January 1941 to Lentosotakoulu (Flying Fighting School) since the anti-aircraft defences or air surveillance did not belong to the programme of the school. As in all similar institutions the main task was the elementary flying training.
This book covers also the advanced training units, which were established in every aviation regiment during the Winter War and the Continuation War. When the war progressed these units were reorganized into independent squadrons and operated until being disbanded after the end of the hostilities in autumn 1944.
The book is compiled keeping those in mind who are interested in aviation history, warfare and modelling.
The size of the book in B5 (176x250 mm) with laminated card covers, 128 pages printed on glossy art paper.
The main text is fully in Finnish and English. Photo captions are also fully bi-lingual for 233 top quality black/white, supplemented by 12 colour profiles and four pages of scale drawings. The appendixes contain technical specifications of aircraft, all fatal accidents, commander and strength tables.

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